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April 09, 2007


Sherry l euscher

Hi Kristi,
I am trying to call you but sounds like you may have a fax machine hooked up. Deer Park Lodge has been recommended to me by Don Gordon. I was wondering if you have any availability for 4 people on July 30 and July 31?
Please e mail back or call me at 616-405-6509
Thank you,
Sherry Euscher

Kurt Stephens

Hi Rick & Kristi,

Congrats on taking over the resort. Looking forward to bringing the the family up to Deer Park Lodge this winter to do some snowmobiling. This has always been one of our favorite places to stay.

Kurt Stephens

Susan K. chappel

Hi Kristi,
I was up at the sled dog race at Newberry and you were sharing about Reflux and i asked you about it and what you take! Could you please send me information on what you are taking for it through your chiropractor business? I would greatly be intrested in all the information I can get on helping with my situation!! Thank You!

Susan K. chappel

Bill & Gale Ritchie

Hello Rick and Kristi! Gale and I will be up there the end of May. Been coming up since the 70's.

We'll (.)(.) you two then..

Bill & Gale from NW Ohio...

Jeri & Jerry Chesney

First our very best wishes to Mike & Monica. We hope your new adventure will be as wonderful as the two of you. We'd also like to say welcome to Rick and Kristie and good luck in this new chapter in your lives. Deer Park is one of our favorite places on this earth and we look forward to getting to know you in our future trips.

Cathy Sprowl

Mike & Monica,
We have always had a fabulous time at Deer Park. You both have been an important part in the love we have found in looking for Agates. You have been awesome teachers and mentors for both Gayle and I. We will miss you in years to come but wish you both the best of luck in the new chapter of your life. Please come up when we are up there in the fall and share some of your "secret" spots with us. We hope to see you both in years to come.

Bill & Gale Ritchie

Mike, is this WEB site going to turned over to the new owners?

Bill & Gale Ritchie in Fremont, OH.

Bruce Hagar

Any possibility of renting a boat on 9/30? I know it's the last day. Any going out of business sales?

Mary Eleanor Harris

Darn it! I thought we were coming up this fall before you leave but a medical situation needs some follow up and we won't be there to say goodbye! Hugs to you both. It has been nice knowing you through all those years, including when Kenny helped with building new shelves after the fire, the liars' bench, the Labor Day and New Year's Eve parties, seeing northern lights from the beach, etc. It won't be the same but it is already different with Jane gone.
Enjoy your retirement!
Mary Eleanor

Bill Reich

Hi Mike and Monica ! . Congratulations and good luck from Bill Reich and family. We've really enjoyed your company and accommodations over the years and we will really miss you. Let the new owners know we've been spoiled and expect big smiles and pound cake lol.


Steve and Julie Pomerville

Have been coming up to the U.P. for 46 years now, beginning at age 8. It's a little sad that as time flies by, really nice chapters have to come to an end. Although never a guest at Deer Park Lodge (trailer folks), we have rented boats there and visited the store many times. Thank You both for always being friendly and helpful. Plus, we could tell a lot of thought went into the stocking of the store, as it always seemed to have that misc. doodad we needed. Looked forward to your monthly posts as well. They brought a sliver of the North into our home near Detroit. Best wishes for a happy and healthy retirement. Steve and Julie

Kathy Kish

Congratulations on your retirement Mike and Monica! Enjoy!

Bill Ritchie

Well be back up your way just after Labor Day. Must say good-bye to the two most wonderful couple we have known for may years in the U.P.

Now we have to *break in* the new owners! lol We had a short visit with the last May and from what we have seen, they are going to be wonderful people to know.

CUAL Bill & Gale from NW Ohio

Brandi Collins

Hi Mike and Monica,

Tom and I are coming up the week before Labor Day through Labor Day. We are so looking forward to it. Stock up on Miller Lite for us. See ya soon.

Tony Krolik

Hi Tony Krolik my wife and best friends the Rabys will be camping at the State park starting the 30th thru the 7th. Mike and I are planning to rent a boat and go fishing sometime during the week. Can give me any info on the current fishing at this time. Thanks and look forward in meeting you.

Tony Krolik

Dave Beuerle

Amy and I are coming for some relaxation. Looking forward to seeing you two.

Dave Beuerle

Have not been here for some time. Looking forward to a visit this coming July. Will need a boat.

Ernie Parrott

Cab you give an update to the trail roads and steelhead fishing?


Can't wait to get up there next week! Been looking forward to it for weeks now. You guys are the best!

Mary Eleanor

I love the icy fringe across the top of the sunset picture in January!

Crystal Rutan  Blacklick OH

You have no idea how much I look forward to each post from you two. It cheers me up and makes me homesick for the lake. Can't wait to get back up there in August and away from all of the rush, rush, rush, down here in Columbus. Take care.

Betsy Hakeos

You two are so cute! Keep warm and stay safe. Betsy Hakeos ( Heidt cabin)

Dale and Caroline Johnson

Hi Mike and Monica,
Hope you had a great Christmas. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year..
See you in May. Can't wait to go 4wheeling.
Dale and Caroline..

Bill & Gale Ritchie

I just seen your Christmas picture! I just had to copy the picture and paste it plus a comment on my Facebook page... Here is the comment;

"Received this Christmas Day picture from Mike and Monica Brown who own and operate the Deer Park Lodge in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the shores of the mighty Lake Superior (their front yard) and Muskallonge Lake (their back yard). We camp at Muskallonge State Park every year.
That is Mike posing as Santa just entering their beautiful log cabin from the chimney or is it really Santa? Wonderful people to know!"

See you in May! Seasons Greetings!
Bill and Gale in Fremont, OH.

Dan Carr

Can't believe we are on the front page of your facebook! We're famous! Besides being fun to catch, the fish were tasty. Who says all the big fish are gone from the lake?!

Can't wait to get back to Deer Park. Two months was not nearly enough. Miss it already.

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